Core Features

Aggregated Dashboards

Dasbhoards that aggregate large amounts of data up to a level that one is able to see trends and take action

Line Administration

A centralised database to maintain your allocation to users, cost centres, departments and sites.

Usage Notifications

Pro-active methods on curbing usage by notififying users of usage before bill shock.


Various standard and custom reporting with filters and ranges.

Analysis Tools

Interactive analysis tools in order to understand the big picture and drill down into the detail.

Itemised Billing

Ability to pull itemised billing and search by subscriber, dialled number, call time and time of call.

Line Locking

Ability to lock lines using certain networks either manually or by reaching a threshold.


Importing of invoices autmatically on a monthly basis.

Stock Control

Manage your devices and how they are assigned to users. Track repairs and swop-outs.

Aggregated Dashboards

The Software

Visibill is a software product that enables your business to control, manage and understand your telecom expense situation. Telecom Expense Management (TEM) assists organisations in processing the huge volume of data and doing a variety of activities regarding to your telecoms environment such as costs, administration and reporting.

How it works

Visibill imports the itemised billing information for all your organisation's cellular lines into a central database daily. This enables organisations to monitor usage frequently, drive down costs and report on usage.

The Service

We at Rysis developed Visibill inhouse and are here to assist you in any requirement you may have. We will set up everything for you, get the data from your service provider and assist you in any tranining you may require. We are a dedicated, friendly and pationate bunch and are here when you need us.