Analyse Spend

Visibill provides many tools in order to analyse spend at the organisation level

  1. View voice, data, SMS and content charge usage and cost accross the organisation.
  2. Analyse by cost centre, department right down to the single line.
  3. Analyse usage by time of day
  4. Easily see top spenders and top data users

Usage Notifications

Set up multiple usage profiles and let the system notify users, managers and administrators when there is high usage before it's too late

  1. Add cost, voice and data limits with three thresholds of notifcation.
  2. Notify via email and/or SMS
  3. Copy manager and administrator on notifications
  4. Automatically lock lines
  5. Out of bundle notifications
  6. Daily data burst notifications
  7. Monthly usage reports and department reports


View your actual invoices and break down into categories

Track APN usage

Visibill can track your entire APN usage with a delay as little as 30 minutes.

  1. View APN usage per day
  2. Compare it to previous months
  3. Predict total usage at the end of the month

Line Administration

A concise set of functionality to administer your lines and users

  1. Allocate lines to users
  2. Maintain organisational heirarchy
  3. Edit line information such as descriptions, cost centres, departments
  4. Import and export data to and from Excel

Stock Control

Maintain your hardware using the stock control moddule

  1. Keep track of stock of devices
  2. Allocate devices to users and have them accept the device via email.
  3. Track device repairs and written off devices
  4. View devices by manufacturer and model