About Visibill

Visibill is a telecom expense management product that enables organisations to take control of their telecom expenditure, usage and administration.

It is an enterprise ready solution that will cater for

  1. Imports all your itemised billing information from your service provider
  2. Provides powerful analysis tools in order to curb spend
  3. Notifies users, managers and administrators of high usage and out of bundle cost in a proactive mannor
  4. Administration features such as user allocation, stock control and cost centre allocation.

How it works

Visibill will automatically, with permission from your service provider, import your organisation's itemised billing into it's database and display it in it's frontend in a more meaningful way.

With it's powerful reporting services you will be able to see the following:

  • Overview per month (Call, data and sms charges to the organisation).
  • The ability to see which employees might be abusing their cellphone allowance.
  • Detailed itemised billing and summaries.
  • Various daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Visibill will be able to manage all the employees contacts, which sim card is assigned to them and how much data / calls / smses they are using.

Visbill is a web based application, therefore the database and the web application are hosted on the web. This means that the user has the ability to access the system anywhere so long as they have an internet connection. There are no extra infrustructure costs.

Visibill consists of the following features:

  • A range of dashboards to focus on key areas.
  • Summaries to view all the data at a glance.
  • Ability to view high usage areas immediately.
  • Track historic expenditure.
  • Maintain all users and subscribers.
  • Maintain limits per line.
  • Grant user access to the system.
  • Multiple high level reports.

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